Anna Louise Betts

b. June 12, 1864, d. June 23, 1926
(Child) BirthAnna Louise Betts was born on June 12, 1864 at Wilton, CT. 
(Bride) Marriage At age 17, Anna married James Benjamin Beers, 19, on January 22, 1882..  
(Son) BirthA son, Frank, was born on October 3, 1886 at Redding, CT. 
(Deceased) DeathAnna died on June 23, 1926 at West Medway, Norfolk County, MA, at age 62.  


James Benjamin Beers b. July 8, 1862, d. December 11, 1947
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Benjamin Thad Beus

b. April 22, 1960, d. April 22, 1960
MotherCarma Albrechtsen b. June 19, 1931, d. December 14, 2003
(Deceased) DeathBenjamin died on April 22, 1960 at Santa Monica, CA.  
(Child) BirthBenjamin Thad Beus was born on April 22, 1960 at Santa Monica, CA. 
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(?) Bevans

(Groom) Marriage(?) married Martha (?) before 1833..  


Martha (?)
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(?) Bichels

d. before 1925
(Groom) Marriage(?) married Mary Bennett, daughter of John A. Bennett and Francis A. Post..  
(Deceased) Death(?) died before 1925.  


Mary Bennett b. February, 1870
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Sarah Ann Birch

b. about 1838
FatherWilliam Birch
(Child) BirthSarah Ann Birch was born about 1838 at England. 
(Bride) MarriageSarah Ann married George Washbrook, son of Samuel Washbrook and Ann Devey, on January 20, 1856 at St. George's, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England. William Davis and Sarah Washbrook witnessed the marriage.  


George Washbrook b. before July 10, 1834
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William Birch

(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Sarah Ann, was born about 1838 at England. 
OccupationWilliam was a Hinge filer on January 20, 1856 at Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England. 


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George E. Bird

b. February 3, 1908, d. April 28, 1992
(Child) BirthGeorge E. Bird was born on February 3, 1908. 
(Second) Marriage At age 39, George's second marriage was to Sadie Doell, 46, daughter of Joseph C. Detwiler and Mary A. Phillips, on November 8, 1947 at Philadelphia, PA.  
(Deceased) DeathGeorge died on April 28, 1992, at age 84.  


Sadie Detwiler b. August 22, 1901, d. May 20, 1997
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Julia Biro

b. September 20, 1890, d. April, 1971
(Child) BirthJulia Biro was born on September 20, 1890 at Beregarars, Hungary. 
(Bride) Marriage At age 18, Julia married Stephen Ratkovszky, 26, son of Stephen Ratkovszky and Elizabeth Dudás, on July 21, 1909 at Manhattan, NY.. Louis Gindel and Joseph Nemeth were listed as the Witnesses. 
(Son) BirthA son, Dennis, was born on April 13, 1910 at Manhattan, NY. 
1910 US CensusShe, listed as 21 years old, appeared with her husband Stephen Ratkovszky, 27 years old, on the 1910 Federal Census of Manhattan, NY, on 219 East 3rd Street, recorded April 22, 1910. Their son Dennis, 0, was listed as living with them. Julia is listed as having had one child born and still living.. 
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Irene, was born on September 20, 1911 at Manhattan, NY. 
(Spouse) Death On December 26, 1919 her husband, Stephen, died at Manhattan, NY, at age 37. 
1920 US Census Recorded on January 7, 1920, Julia, listed as 30 years old, appeared on the 1920 Federal Census as the head of household. She lived at 601 East 17th Street, Manhattan, NY. Her children, Dennis, 9, and Irene Julia Rakin, 8, were listed as living with her. Julia was listed as a Presser at a Factory. 
1925 NY CensusOn the 1925 New York State Census, recorded as of June 1st, Julia Ratkovszky appeared as the head of household living at Manhattan, NY, on 284 Avenue B. Her children, Dennis, 15, and Irene Julia Rakin, 14, were listed as living with her. Julia was listed as working at Housework. 
NaturalizationJulia was naturalized on March 11, 1926. 
1930 US CensusJulia, listed as 40 years old, appeared as the head of household on the 1930 Federal Census of Manhattan, NY, on 437 East 16th Street, recorded April 16, 1930. Her children, Dennis, 20, and Irene Julia Rakin, 18, were listed as living with her. Julia was listed as a Presser at a Clothing Manufacturer, Dennis as a Mail Clerk at an Oil Company and Irene as a Clerk at a Dentist Supply. 
City DirectoryJulia was listed in the city directory of 1931 at 437 East 16th Street, Manhattan, NY. She is listed as a Hospital Helper. 
(Deceased) DeathJulia died in April, 1971 at Manhattan, NY, at age 80.  
(Interred) BurialShe was buried on April 27, 1971 at Most Holy Trinity Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY,
in Block 17, Row 7, Grave 16 along with her husband, Stephen and her daughter Irene.


Stephen Ratkovszky b. November 4, 1882, d. December 26, 1919
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Maria Biro

(Child) BirthMaria Biro was born at Hungary. 
(Bride) MarriageMaria married Karoly Varga at Hungary..  
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Karolina, was born on April 13, 1877 at Papa, Veszprém, Hungary. 
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Maria, was born on November 12, 1879 at Papa, Hungary. 


Karoly Varga
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Ozulla Bishop

(Bride) MarriageOzulla married Thomas Bauer before 1863..  
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Sophia, was born on July 13, 1863. 


Thomas Bauer
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