Frederick Robinson Roe

b. April 8, 1875, d. June 16, 1959
FatherSamuel Roe
MotherElecta Bennett b. about 1858
(Child) BirthFrederick Robinson Roe was born on April 8, 1875 at Westchester, NY. 
(Deceased) DeathFrederick died on June 16, 1959 at Miami, Dade County, FL, at age 84.  
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Samuel Roe

(Groom) MarriageSamuel married Electa Bennett, daughter of John A. Bennett and Permelia Sprague..  
(Son) BirthA son, Frederick, was born on April 8, 1875 at Westchester, NY. 


Electa Bennett b. about 1858
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Tillie Rokowska

b. about 1889
(Child) BirthTillie Rokowska was born about 1889 at Austria. 
(Bride) MarriageTillie married John Jankouski..  
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Charlotte, was born about 1907 at NY. 
(Son) BirthA son, John, was born about 1908 at NY. 
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Wanda, was born about 1910 at NY. 
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Stella, was born about 1915 at NY. 
(Son) BirthA son, Edward, was born about October, 1918 at NY. 
1920 US Census Recorded on January 19, 1920, Tillie Jankowska, listed as 31 years old, appeared on the 1920 Federal Census with her husband John Jankouski, 34 years old, and the head of household. They lived at 151 Dupont Street, Brooklyn, Kings County, NY. Their children, Charlotte, 13, John, 12, Wanda, 10, Stella, 5, and Edward Jankouski, 1 year, 3 months, were listed as living with them. 
(Witness) MarriageShe witnessed the marriage of Albert Anthony and Charlotte Jankouska on December 6, 1924 at Brooklyn, Kings County, NY. 


John Jankouski b. about 1886
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Mary A. Roper

ChartsDescendant Chart for Daniel Johnson
(Bride) MarriageMary married Herbert Edgington, son of Alonzo Edgington and Mary Ann Molesdale, in 1916 at St. Paul's, Halliwell, Greater Manchester, England.. Jul. - Sept. 


Herbert Edgington b. about 1892
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George Sidney Rose

b. 1844, d. before 1900
Name Variation George Sidney Rose was also known as Sidney Rose. 
(Child) BirthGeorge Sidney Rose was born in 1844 at NY. 
(Groom) MarriageGeorge married Ellen J. (?) about 1868 at NY..  
ResidenceHe and Ellen lived on June 28, 1870 at Windsor, Broome County, NY. Sidney was a Farmer. 
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Katherine, was born in 1874 at NY. 
ResidenceHe and Ellen lived in 1880 at Windsor, Broome County, NY. Also living with them was Katherine Rose. Also living with them was George Bound, 18, a servant.. Sidney was a Farmer. 
ResidenceHe and Ellen lived on February 16, 1892 at Windsor, Broome County, NY. George was a Farmer. 
(Deceased) DeathGeorge died before 1900.  


Ellen J. (?) b. June, 1849
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Katherine Rose

b. 1874, d. December 13, 1896
FatherGeorge Sidney Rose b. 1844, d. before 1900
MotherEllen J. (?) b. June, 1849
(Child) BirthKatherine Rose was born in 1874 at NY. 
ResidenceShe lived in the household of George Sidney Rose and Ellen J. Rose in 1880 at Windsor, Broome County, NY. 
(Bride) MarriageKatherine married Robert Homan before 1892..  
ResidenceShe and Alfred Glenn Homan lived on February 16, 1892 at Windsor, Broome County, NY. Robert was a Clerk. 
(Son) BirthA son, Alfred, was born on March 13, 1892 at W. Windsor, NY. 
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Ruth, was born on December 13, 1896 at Windsor, Broome County, NY. 
(Deceased) DeathKatherine died on December 13, 1896 at Windsor, Broome County, NY, of childbirth..  


Robert Homan b. 1866
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John Rosell

ChartsDescendant Chart for Edward Petty
(Groom) MarriageJohn married Hannah Maria Petty, daughter of David Petty and Hannah Norton, on January 1, 1871 at Methodist Episcopal Church, Hanson Place, Brooklyn, Kings County, NY.. They were married by the Rev. A. S. Hunt. 


Hannah Maria Petty b. about 1822, d. May, 1881
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Lillian Rosen

(Child) BirthLillian Rosen was born at England. 
(Bride) MarriageLillian married Emanuel Phillips..  
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Eileen, was born on January 31, 1894. 


Emanuel Phillips b. September 25, 1872
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Anna Rosenzweig

(Child) BirthAnna Rosenzweig was born. 
(Bride) MarriageAnna married Frank Schork..  
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Mary, was born on August 15, 1879 at East Brunswick, NJ. 


Frank Schork
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Adeline Rossman

b. October, 1895, d. 1922
FatherGeorge B. Rossman b. September, 1858, d. before December 22, 1900
MotherIsabella G. Hitchcock b. March, 1860, d. December 20, 1900
(Child) BirthAdeline Rossman was born in October, 1895 at NY. 
1900 US CensusShe was listed as 4 years old and as the daughter of George and Isabella G. Rossman on the 1900 Federal Census at Athens, Greene County, NY, and with George William Rossman, Felix Rossman, Sylvester Rossman, Bella Rossman, Julia Rossman, Maud Rossman, Willard Rossman, Ruth Rossman, Willie Oxbrough and Lizzie Oxbrough
(Deceased) DeathAdeline died in 1922 at Athens, Greene County, NY.  
(Interred) BurialShe was buried on May 10, 1923 at Mount Hope Cemetery, the Annex, Athens, Greene County, NY.
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