Amelia Howell

b. about 1893
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(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Dorothy, was born on March 31, 1924 at Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England. 
(Child) BirthAmelia Howell was born about 1893 at Dudley area, England. 
(Bride) MarriageAmelia married Frederick Samuel Selvey, son of William Selvey and Ellen Washbrook, in 1915 at Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England.. Jan-Mar. 
(Son) BirthA son, Albert, was born in 1916 at Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England. 
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Helen, was born at England. 


Frederick Samuel Selvey b. 1891, d. 1962
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Arthur Howell

b. about 1632, d. March 29, 1683
(Child) BirthArthur Howell was born about 1632 at Marsh Gibbon, Buchinghamshire, England. 
(Groom) MarriageArthur married Elizabeth Gardiner, daughter of Lyon Gardiner and Mary Wilemson Duercant, about 1657..  
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Elizabeth, was born in February, 1657/58 at East Hampton, Suffolk County, NY. 
(Spouse) Death In February, 1657/58 his wife, Elizabeth, died at East Hampton, Suffolk County, NY, at age 16. 
It is evident that Arthur learned an Indian language as a child from his father's Indian servants (including Hope). In January 1663, he was employed as an interpreter to the Shinnecock Indians.

On 23 February 1657/8 Lieutenant Lion Gardiner and his son-in-law Arthur Howell signed a detailed agreement making provision for rearing Elizabeth Howell. On 4 March 1658/9, he had "sould his accomodacons" to John Mulford, and settled at Mecox.

In 1665, Arthur acknowledged receipt of a "parcell of goods" for his daughter Elizabeth from her grandmother, Mrs. Mary Gardiner, "lately deceased."
WillHe left a will on March 28, 1683 as follows:

The will of Arthur Howell of Southampton, "being sicke and weak," dated 28 march 1683, devised:

"to eldest son Elisha, when of age, one half of my dwelling house and home lot and one half of my land at home adjoining my dwelling house and after the decease of my wife Hannah, he is to have the other half; to my sone Lemuel, all that my parcel of land lying and adjoining eastward to Ezekiel Sandfords home lot, and that piece of land lying near hackers Hole, and that parcel of land at Swan creek neck, which my son Arthur deceased gave him, and all my piece of land at Mecox plain after my wife's decease; all other lands with a one hundred pound right of Commonage are left to his sons Elisha and Lemuel; to daughter Elizabeth Loper, five pounds, "she having received most of her portion already;" to his six other daughters, Hannah, Abiah, Martha, Eleanor, Thomason and Penelope each twenty pounds, when 18 years of age; comfortable support of wife hannah, and makes her executor, and she has the use of one half the house and lands; mentions an expected child; to his two sons his windmill [proved 5 July 1683].

Arthur died the day after making of his will. The inventory of his estate taken on 15 May 1683 included 43 acres of land at home with house, etc. (at Mecox near Bridgehampton, and on the south side of the road running east to the bridge over Sag Pond), 10 acres on Mecox Plains, 20 acres by Ezekiel Sandfords, 28 acres at Sagg Pond, 10 acres by Hackers Hole, land at Hog neck and windmill, valued for 887 pounds.
(Daughter) DeathElizabeth died on March 28, 1683 at East Hampton, Suffolk County, NY, at age 25. 
(Deceased) DeathArthur died on March 29, 1683 at Southampton, Suffolk County, NY.  


Elizabeth Gardiner b. September 14, 1641, d. February, 1657/58
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Edith I. Huestis

b. about November, 1859, d. September 29, 1898
FatherWilliam Henry Huestis b. about 1830, d. after 1898
MotherElizabeth L. Downing b. about 1834, d. before 1870
(Child) BirthEdith I. Huestis was born about November, 1859 at NY. 
ResidenceShe lived in the household of William Henry Huestis and Elizabeth L. Huestis on September 4, 1860 at Pound Ridge, White Plains, NY. 
(Deceased) DeathEdith died on September 29, 1898 at Poughkeepsie, NY.  
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William Henry Huestis

b. about 1830, d. after 1898
(Child) BirthWilliam Henry Huestis was born about 1830 at NY. 
(Groom) MarriageWilliam married Elizabeth L. Downing, daughter of George Lord Downing and Susannah H Purdy, about 1858 at NY..  
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Edith, was born about November, 1859 at NY. 
ResidenceHe and Elizabeth lived on September 4, 1860 at Pound Ridge, White Plains, NY. Also living with them was Edith I. Huestis. William was a Blacksmith. 
(Deceased) DeathWilliam died after 1898.  


Elizabeth L. Downing b. about 1834, d. before 1870
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Lois Hughes

b. about 1894
(Child) BirthLois Hughes was born about 1894 at NY. 
(Groom) MarriageLois married Florence W. Haskell, daughter of Josiah D. Haskell and Ida Stuart, before 1920 at NY..  
1920 US CensusHe, listed as 26, appeared on the 1920 Federal Census of Brooklyn, Kings County, NY in the household of Ida Haskell, and with George D. Haskell, John W. Haskell, Florence W. Hughes and Alexander Stuart. Lois was a Weighter Manager at a Warehouse. 


Florence W. Haskell b. September, 1891
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Orien Hulse

b. September 17, 1853, d. March 14, 1919
(Child) BirthOrien Hulse was born on September 17, 1853 at Brookhaven, NY. 
(First) MarriageOrien's first marriage was to Mary Adelaiade Horton at NY..  
(Spouse) Death On March 23, 1889 his wife, Mary, died, at age 36. 
(Second) Marriage At age 37, Orien's second marriage was to Olive Jane Newey, daughter of Samuel Carman Wicks and Lucretia Ophelia Terrell, on October 22, 1890. Marriage - Miss Jennie O. Wicks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Wicks of Patchogue, and Orrin Hulse, also of Patchogue, were married October 22 by the Rev. W.H. Barton. 
(Deceased) DeathOrien died on March 14, 1919 at Patchogue, NY, at age 65.  
(Interred) BurialHe was buried after March 14, 1919 at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Patchogue, NY,
Plot Section H Lot 5 Range 4.

Family 1

Mary Adelaiade Horton b. July 14, 1852, d. March 23, 1889

Family 2

Olive Jane Wicks b. 1862, d. September 2, 1945
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Sophie Hunkle

b. about 1862, d. April 9, 1887
(Child) BirthSophie Hunkle was born about 1862. 
(Bride) MarriageSophie married Jacob Vaeth, son of George Vaeth and Louisa Loeffler, on June 12, 1883 at First German Presbyterian Church, Newark, NJ..  
(Son) BirthA son, Joseph, was born about 1884. 
1885 NJ CensusOn the 1885 New Jersey State Census, recorded on 1885, Sophie Vaeth appeared with her husband Jacob Vaeth living at Union, NJ. Also living with Sophie was her brother in law and nephew, George, and Fredrick Vaeth.. 
(Deceased) DeathSophie died on April 9, 1887 at Newark, NJ.  


Jacob Vaeth b. about 1858
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Annie J Hunt

b. about 1857, d. January 10, 1890
FatherOwen Hunt
MotherMary McDonald
(Child) BirthAnnie J Hunt was born about 1857. 
(Bride) MarriageAnnie married Josiah D. Haskell, 21, son of Josiah W. Haskell and Sarah S. Haynes, on November 7, 1878 at Manhattan, NY..  
(Son) BirthA son, Josiah, was born on September 20, 1879 at Manhattan, NY. 
1880 US Census Living at 428 West 51st Street, Annie was listed on the 1880 Federal Census with her husband Josiah D. Haskell in Manhattan, NY, recorded on June 7, 1880. Annie was listed as 23 years old and her husband, Josiah D. Haskell as 24 years old. Their son Josiah, 8 months old, was listed as living with them. 
(Son) BirthA son, Alfred, was born on July 27, 1880 at NY. 
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Anni, was born in February, 1883 at NY. 
(Deceased) DeathAnnie died on January 10, 1890 at 550 Broome Street, Manhattan, NY.  
(Interred) BurialShe was buried on January 12, 1890 at Calvery Cemetery, Queens, NY.


Josiah D. Haskell b. September 9, 1857, d. June 12, 1909
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Eugene Hunt

b. about 1850, d. before 1910
FatherOwen Hunt
MotherMary McDonald
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(Child) BirthEugene Hunt was born about 1850 at Leitrim, Ireland. 
(Groom) MarriageEugene married Jennie Bakewell, daughter of William Bakewell and Bridget Conry, on December 12, 1893 at Manhattan, NY..  
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Mary, was born on April 19, 1900 at Manhattan, NY. 
(Deceased) DeathEugene died before 1910.  


Jennie Bakewell b. 1866, d. October 16, 1925
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George Hunt

b. 1901, d. 1966
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(Child) BirthGeorge Hunt was born in 1901 at Coventry, Warwickshire, England. 
(Groom) MarriageGeorge married Doris Amelia Timmins, daughter of Austin Timmins and Agnes Jane Robinson..  
(Deceased) DeathGeorge died in 1966 at Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England.  


Doris Amelia Timmins b. August 12, 1906, d. 1990
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