Josephine Habuken

(Bride) MarriageJosephine married Franz Pfeiffer..  
(Son) BirthA son, Joseph, was born on October 10, 1903 at Southeim, Germany. 


Franz Pfeiffer
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Henry Hackard

d. 1990
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(Groom) MarriageHenry married Jane Ann Benson, daughter of Oliver Walestine Petty and Jane Ann Akerstrom, after December 15, 1970..  
(Deceased) DeathHenry died in 1990.  


Jane Ann Petty b. February 7, 1914, d. March 1, 2006
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Eliza Ellen Haddox

b. April, 1870, d. September 15, 1960
Ella (nee Haddox) Wilson c. 1939
Name Variation Eliza Ellen Haddox was also known as Ella Wilson. 
(Child) BirthEliza Ellen Haddox was born in April, 1870 at Ritchie County, WV. 
(Son) BirthA son, Cleo, was born on June 7, 1892 at Ritchie County, WV. 
(Bride) Marriage At age 22, Eliza married Irvin Bruce Wilson, 27, son of Elizabeth Hanna Kelley, on February 8, 1893 at Ritchie County, WV..  
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Tarshia, was born in December, 1893 at WV. 
(Son) BirthA son, Clell, was born in May, 1896 at WV. 
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Wanda, was born on March 17, 1898 at WV. 
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Arabelle, was born in February, 1900 at WV. 
(Son) BirthA son, Issac, was born in March, 1902 at WV. 
(Son) BirthA son, Laco, was born in June, 1904 at WV. 
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Clair, was born on April 10, 1906 at Washburn, Ritchie County, WV. 
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Leotine, was born in December, 1908 at WV. 
(Son) BirthA son, Oral, was born on April 17, 1911 at Washburn, Ritchie County, WV. 
(Son) BirthA son, Olmen, was born on April 21, 1913 at WV. 
(Son) BirthA son, Denver, was born in May, 1915 at WV. 
Eliza Ella Haddox Wilson: Raised 12 children and lived with family and husband, Irvin Bruce Wilson on Indian Creek in Ritchie County, WV. They had a boarding house which burned down. They moved to Harrisville, WV and bought another boarding house called the Wilson Hotel. Beside that was a livery stable that Bruce plied his trade as a blacksmith. It was used as a boarding house until their deaths.
Submitted by (Wanda) Lee (Turner) Reimers 5/12/2012.
(Daughter) DeathClair died on December 14, 1944 at Harrisville, Ritchie County, WV, at age 38. 
(Son) DeathCleo died on July 16, 1950 at Steubenville, Jefferson County, OH, at age 58. 
(Spouse) Death On February 6, 1951 her husband, Irvin, died at Ritchie County, WV, at age 85. 
(Deceased) DeathElla died on September 15, 1960 at Harrisville, Ritchie County, WV, at age 90.  
(Interred) BurialShe was buried after September 15, 1960 at King Knob Cemetery, Ritchie County, WV.


Irvin Bruce Wilson b. March, 1865, d. February 6, 1951
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J. Haden

OccupationJ. was a Rope maker. 
(Son) BirthA son, James, was born before 1825. 


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James Haden

b. before 1825
FatherJ. Haden
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(Child) BirthJames Haden was born before 1825. 
OccupationJames was a Book Keeper in 1846. 
(Groom) MarriageJames married Ann Walker, daughter of Edward Walker and Ann Selvey, on March 10, 1846. Henry Walker and Ellen Walker witnessed the marriage. Another record lists 15 Feb. 1846 for marriage. 
ResidenceHe and Ann lived in 1851 at 71 Broad Green, West Derby, Lancashire, England. Also living with them was Lucy Walker. James was a Building Inspector and Ann was a Dress Maker. 


Ann Walker b. before 1825
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Rose Sarah Hale

b. February 7, 1924, d. April 5, 2002
Rose Sarah (nee Hale) Kroboth (1951)
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(Child) BirthRose Sarah Hale was born on February 7, 1924. 
(Bride) Marriage At age 27, Rose married Lawrence Alfred Kroboth, 26, son of Frank Julius Kroboth Jr. and Leona Josephine Farrell, on June 9, 1951.. From the Tribune (June 11, 1951), Scranton, PA:
Rose Hale Weds Lawrence A. Kroboth, Descendent of Illustrious American Family Marries Graduate of University Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Plum Hale, Clay Avenue Apts., announce the marriage of their daughter, Miss Rose Sarah Hale, to Lawrence A. Kroboth, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Kroboth Sr., Binghamton, N. Y. The marriage was performed Saturday morning at 7 oclock in the Immaculate Conception Chapel by the Rev. Leo Gildea. Mrs. William J. Lynott Jr., Waverly, sister of the bride, and David Burton, Washington, D. C., were the attendants. After a brief honeymoon, the couple will reside in Binghamton. Mrs. Kroboth is a decedent of an illustrious New England family that has set its mark on American arts and letters, including Nathan Hale, the patriot; Edward Everett Hale, aifthor of Man Without a Country; Lucretia Hale, author of The Peter kin Papers; Sarah Josepha Hale, the Mother of Thanksgiving and editor and founder of Godeys Ladies Book, the counter-part of Vogue magazine. A graduate of Marywood Seminary, the former Miss Hale attended St. Vincents Academy, Akron, Ohio, and The Villa, Dayton, Ohio. Mr. Kroboth served with the U. S. Marine Corps during World War II, attended Manhattan College, New Yorok City, and was graduated from the University of Scranton. He is associated with his father in business.
(Deceased) DeathRose died on April 5, 2002 at Binghamton, NY, at age 78.  


Lawrence Alfred Kroboth b. June 23, 1924, d. March 6, 2003
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Elizabeth Hall

(Bride) MarriageElizabeth married John Joseph Egginton, son of Thomas Egginton and Francis Beatrice Roden, on October 26, 1834 at Sedgley, Staffordshire, England..  
(Son) BirthA son, Jonah, was born about 1842 at Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England. 


John Joseph Egginton b. about 1814, d. before April 14, 1886
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James H, Hall

b. 1899, d. 1975
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(Child) BirthJames H, Hall was born in 1899. 
(Groom) MarriageJames married Lily Mary Pritchard, daughter of William John Pritchard and Margaret Steel..  
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Lucy, was born on April 28, 1920 at PA. 
1940 US CensusJames, listed as 41 years old, appeared as the head of household with his wife Lily, 40 years old, on the 1940 Federal Census of Mount Holly, NJ, recorded April 17, 1940. Their children, Lucy, 19, an unknown person , 17, and an unknown person , 13, were listed as living with them. James ws a Weaver at a Textile Mill and Lucy was a Bookkeeper. 
(Deceased) DeathJames died in 1975 at Mt. Holly, NJ.  
(Interred) BurialHe was buried after 1975 at Saint Andrew's Graveyard.


Lily Mary Pritchard b. November, 1897
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Lucy Margaret Hall

b. April 28, 1920, d. May 30, 1986
FatherJames H, Hall b. 1899, d. 1975
MotherLily Mary Pritchard b. November, 1897
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(Child) BirthLucy Margaret Hall was born on April 28, 1920 at PA. 
(Bride) Marriage At age 19, Lucy married Albert Alberta Placente, 22, on March 9, 1940 at Warrenton, Fauquier County, VA..  
1940 US CensusShe, listed as 19 years old, appeared on the 1940 Federal Census of Mount Holly, NJ in the household of her parents, James and Lily Mary Hall. Lucy was a Bookkeeper. 
(Son) BirthA son, Roland, was born on June 9, 1941. 
(Son) BirthA son, David, was born on June 29, 1948. 
(Deceased) DeathLucy died on May 30, 1986 at Marion, FL, at age 66.  
(Interred) BurialShe was buried after May 30, 1986 at Pine Level Cemetery, Oxford, FL.


Albert Alberta Placente b. March 15, 1917, d. August 10, 2007
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Charles Hallenbeck

FatherJacob Hallenbeck d. after 1920
MotherAgnes Heusted
(Son) BirthA son, Jacob, was born about 1901 at NY. 
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Irene, was born about 1905 at NY. 
1920 US Census Recorded on January, 1920, Charles, listed as 50 years old, appeared on the 1920 Federal Census as the head of household. He lived at Leeds Road, Athens, Greene County, NY. His children, Jacob, 19, and Irene Hallenbeck, 15, were listed as living with him. Charles's sister, Ella Rossman, listed as 42 years old and widowed, and her son, Charles's nephew, Wilbur F. Rossman, 16, also lived with them. Charles was listed as widowed and operated his own farm and Jacob was a Laborer. 


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