Robert Brainard

b. January, 1840
(Child) BirthRobert Brainard was born in January, 1840 at MA. 
(Groom) Marriage At age 27, Robert married Ellen V. Curtis, 24, daughter of Henry M. Paine and Betsy H. (?), on September 17, 1867 at Webster, MA.. Robert is listed as a Mechanic. 
ResidenceHe and Ellen lived on June 12, 1880 at Mifflin Street, Philadelphia, PA. Also living with them was Jessie G. Brainard. Robert was a Shoemaker. 
ResidenceHe and Ellen lived on June 20, 1900 at Meadow Street, Amherst, MA. Robert's father in law, Henry M. Paine, listed as 85 years old and widowed, also lived with them.. Robert was a Repairer of Leather Goods and Henry was a Naval Constructor. 


Ellen V. Paine b. August, 1843, d. December 16, 1908
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Margaret Braun

b. February 28, 1834, d. October 29, 1909
(Child) BirthMargaret Braun was born on February 28, 1834 at Wurttemberg, Germany. 
(Bride) MarriageMargaret married John Baitinger..  
(Son) BirthA son, John, was born about 1860 at PA. 
(Son) BirthA son, Henry, was born on July 20, 1874 at Brooklyn, Kings County, NY. 
1880 US CensusShe, listed as 46 years old, appeared with her husband John Baitinger, 49 years old, on the 1880 Federal Census of Brooklyn, Kings County, NY, on 76 Boerman Street, recorded June 2, 1880. Their children, John, 20, and Henry Baitinger, 6, were listed as living with them. 
1892 NY CensusOn the 1892 New York State Census, recorded as of February 16th, Margaret Baitinger, listed as 58 years old, appeared with her husband John Baitinger, 61 years old, living at Brooklyn, Kings County, NY, on Boerum Street. Their children, John, 31, and Henry Baitinger, 18, were listed as living with them. 
(Spouse) Death On July 8, 1905 her husband, John, died at Brooklyn, Kings County, NY. 
(Son) DeathJohn died on July 18, 1906 at Brooklyn, NY. 
(Deceased) DeathMargaret died on October 29, 1909 at Maspeth, Queens, NY, at age 75.  


John Baitinger b. about June, 1831, d. July 8, 1905
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Eileen M. Brennan

b. June 19, 1921, d. August 5, 1968
Eileen Brennan 1957
Mother(?) Conway
(Child) BirthEileen M. Brennan was born on June 19, 1921 at NY. 
LivingShe and Marjorie Helena Szendy were living together. 
ResidenceShe and Marjorie Helena Szendy lived circa 1950 at 9726 South Van Ness Avenue, Los Angeles, CA. 
ResidenceShe and Marjorie Helena Szendy lived in 1960 at 131 Camimo Colimas, Los Angeles, CA. 
ResidenceShe lived in the household of Marjorie Szendy, and with Marjorie Helena Szendy after 1962 at 530 Avenue G, Redondo Beach, CA. 
(Deceased) DeathEileen died on August 5, 1968 at Redondo Beach, CA, at age 47.  
(Interred) BurialShe was buried on August 6, 1968 at Holy Cross Cemetary, Culver City, CA.
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Mary Agnes Brennan

b. about 1899, d. 1929
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(Child) BirthMary Agnes Brennan was born about 1899. 
(Bride) MarriageMary married Ernest Edgington, son of Alonzo Edgington and Mary Ann Molesdale, in 1924 at Victoria Wesleyan, Bolton, Lancashire, England.. Jan. - Mar. 
(Deceased) DeathMary died in 1929 at Farnworth, Lancashire, England.  


Ernest Edgington b. about 1899
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John W. Brien

(Groom) MarriageJohn married Cora M. Durgy, 16, daughter of John J. Durgy and Clarinda L. Wildman, on July 8, 1891..  


Cora M. Durgy b. June 11, 1875, d. May 10, 1910
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Sarah Broom

b. about 1833
FatherThomas Broom
(Child) BirthSarah Broom was born about 1833 at England. 
(Bride) MarriageSarah married Rowland Rowlands, son of William Rowlands and Catharine (?), on August 9, 1855 at Jeddo Street, Snow Hill, Staffordshire, England.. Witnesses listed as Thomas Brassington & Emma Smith. 
(Son) BirthA son, Thomas, was born before September 18, 1856 at Sydney Street, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England. 
(Son) BirthA son, Harry, was born before September 18, 1863 at Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England. 
(Son) BirthA son, Rowland, was born before January 15, 1871 at Grove Street, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England. 


Rowland Rowlands b. about 1828
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Thomas Broom

(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Sarah, was born about 1833 at England. 
OccupationThomas was an Anvil Maker in 1855. 


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Annie Brown

b. 1905, d. 1944
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(Child) BirthAnnie Brown was born in 1905. 
(Bride) MarriageAnnie married John Careless, son of John Careless and Amy Leek, in 1925 at Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England.. Oct - Dec. 
(Deceased) DeathAnnie died in 1944 at Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England, Apr - Jun.  


John Careless b. before February 1, 1899
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Charles Brown

b. about 1853
FatherWilliam Brown
MotherFrances Spencer
(Child) BirthCharles Brown was born about 1853 at ME. 
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Edward James Brown

b. June 28, 1913, d. October 30, 1989
(Child) BirthEdward James Brown was born on June 28, 1913 at Manhattan, New York. 
(Groom) Marriage At age 23, Edward married Helenore Agnes Downs, 19, daughter of George Francis Downs and Mary Cary, on February 27, 1937 at Manhattan, New York..  
(Deceased) DeathEdward died on October 30, 1989 at Queens, New York, at age 76.  
(Interred) BurialHe was buried on November 3, 1989 at Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale, NY.


Helenore Agnes Downs b. June 15, 1917, d. March 15, 2008
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