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 The Szendy-Kroboth Ancestry Pages

An ancestry site devoted to the Szendy, Hiross, (Hyross), Nemeth, Kroboth, Ondraczek, Ondracek, Selvey and Fletcher families.

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Any copies of documents, photos, diaries, old letters, family group sheets, censuses, or other information
that you might have that applies to the families on the following pages would be most helpful
Although all due care has been taken. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information.
Please notify me of any errors or omissions that you find. I will happily correct them.
Thanks to Clive Egginton and Henry Pritchard for all the information they
supplied on their respective families, with special thanks to Clive for
helping sort out all the Selvey kin.  Thanks to Nancy Moore
for all her work on the Fairchild branch and to
Jacqueline Hurst for her work on the
Petty/Davis/Wintress families.