Lizzie Sawhill

b. about 1865
(Child) BirthLizzie Sawhill was born about 1865 at Clayesville, PA. 
(Bride) MarriageLizzie married George B. Small, son of Sumner B. Small and Lucy Ann Bagley, at Allegheny, PA..  


George B. Small b. about 1853
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Albert Russell Scarlett

b. November 7, 1892, d. December 30, 1957
(Child) BirthAlbert Russell Scarlett was born on November 7, 1892 at Blyth, Canada. 
(Groom) Marriage At age 35, Albert married Josephine Violet Allen, 23, daughter of Robert Augustus Allen and Josephine Tristram, on October 12, 1928 at Seattle, King County, WA..  
1930 US CensusAlbert, listed as 37 years old, appeared as the head of household with his wife Josephine, 25 years old, on the 1930 Federal Census of Seattle, WA, on 11th Avenue N.E., recorded April 5, 1930. Albert was a Chauffeur for a Private Family and Josephine was an Operator for a Telephone Company. 
1940 US Census Living at 6903 12th Avenue N.E., Albert was listed on the 1940 Federal Census as the head of household, along with his wife, Josephine, in Seattle, WA, recorded on April 18, 1940. Albert was listed as 47 years old and his wife, Josephine as 35 years old. Albert was a Chauffeur for a Private Home and Josephine was an Switchboard Operator for a Telephone Company. 
(Deceased) DeathAlbert died on December 30, 1957 at Seattle, King County, WA, at age 65.  


Josephine A. Allen b. March 16, 1905, d. August 31, 2000
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Ezra Schaibly

(Groom) MarriageEzra married Pearl Foland..  


Pearl Foland
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Catherine Schimdt

b. 1832, d. September 29, 1889
(Child) BirthCatherine Schimdt was born in 1832 at France. 
(Bride) MarriageCatherine married Fredrick LaBault..  
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Mary, was born about 1857 at IN. 
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Martha, was born in February, 1857 at IN. 
It is possible that Mary and Martha are Twins or perhaps the same person.
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Willhelmina, was born in February, 1860 at IN. 
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Franceska, was born about 1861 at IN. 
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Kittie, was born on July 21, 1874 at IN. 
1880 US CensusCatherine was listed on the 1880 Federal Census with her husband Fredrick LaBault in Concord, IN, recorded on June 11, 1880. Catherine was listed as 49 years old and her husband, Fredrick LaBault as 49 years old. Their daughter Kittie, 6, was listed as living with them. 
(Deceased) DeathCatherine died on September 29, 1889 at Goshen, IN.  
(Interred) BurialShe was buried after September 29, 1889 at Oakridge Cemetery, Goshen, IN.


Fredrick LaBault b. about 1830, d. December 7, 1889
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Richard John Schnakenberg

b. December 2, 1922, d. April 12, 1991
(Child) BirthRichard John Schnakenberg was born on December 2, 1922 at New York, NY. 
(Groom) MarriageRichard married Alice Marie Stack, daughter of Garret Edward Stack and Marie Veronica Van Alstyne, about 1942..  
(Deceased) DeathRichard died on April 12, 1991 at Norwalk, CT, at age 68.  


Alice Marie Stack b. May 13, 1924, d. June 13, 1991
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Albert M. Schober

b. January 25, 1935, d. October 11, 2002
(Child) BirthAlbert M. Schober was born on January 25, 1935 at NY. 
Milit-EndHe ended military service on February 16, 1956. 
Milit-BegHe began military service on February 17, 1956 in the Marines. 
(First) MarriageAlbert's first marriage was to Joan P. Halpin in 1961 at Manhattan, NY..  
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Lee, was born on November 28, 1962 at Queens, NY. 
(Deceased) DeathAlbert died on October 11, 2002 at NY, at age 67.  


Joan P. Halpin b. November 21, 1939, d. February 15, 2008
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Lee Ann Schober

b. November 28, 1962, d. June 25, 2012
FatherAlbert M. Schober b. January 25, 1935, d. October 11, 2002
MotherJoan P. Halpin b. November 21, 1939, d. February 15, 2008
(Child) BirthLee Ann Schober was born on November 28, 1962 at Queens, NY. 
(Deceased) DeathLee died on June 25, 2012 at Queens, NY, at age 49.  
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Frank Schork

(Child) BirthFrank Schork was born. 
(Groom) MarriageFrank married Anna Rosenzweig..  
(Daughter) BirthA daughter, Mary, was born on August 15, 1879 at East Brunswick, NJ. 


Anna Rosenzweig
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Mary Schork

b. August 15, 1879
FatherFrank Schork
MotherAnna Rosenzweig
(Child) BirthMary Schork was born on August 15, 1879 at East Brunswick, NJ. 
(Bride) MarriageMary married Fredrick Vaeth, son of George J. Vaeth and Mary E. LaBault, in 1901 at NJ..  


Fredrick Vaeth b. November 13, 1877
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Frank Schrappa

b. about 1906
(Child) BirthFrank Schrappa was born about 1906 at Bellaire, OH. 
(Second) MarriageFrank's second marriage was to Mary Hovanec, 21, daughter of John Hovanec and Zuzi Agneti, on October 27, 1933 at Cuyahoga County, OH.  


Mary Hovanec b. June 17, 1912, d. August 8, 1992
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